About the drawings

All works are mixed media on paper. The primary medium is block-printing ink which I apply with rubber stamps of my own design.

All drawings are made on paper that has been folded and unfolded. This gives them three-dimensional presence and delineates the major areas of each composition.

The composition of each drawing is derived from the title. Each side of each shape in a drawing is stamped with a single letter. A three-letter word will become a triangle, a four-letter word may become a square, rhombus or other four-sided shape. Long words become complex shapes--sometimes dog-legged, spikey or indented. In the process of completing a drawing, the letters often become obscured or completely covered up by successive layers of ink. Sometimes the words can be easy to read, and sometimes the viewer needs to make an effort to puzzle them out.

My goal is to fit the word-shapes together in an abstract composition that resonates with what the title of the artwork means to me.

About the Artist

I was born in Oklahoma City and grew up in Denver. I graduated Columbia College in New York City with a B.A. in 1996 and have lived and worked in New York City since then. My current studio is in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.

Purchasing My Artworks

I'm happy to sell my work. I also accept commissions. If someone wants to meet me in my studio and see my work in person, that can also be arranged.

What you see on this site is a selection of my work. Many more artworks not online are available.

Direct your inquiries to me through my Contact page or at info@noahpollack.com.